The Hit by David Baldacci

Published September 16, 2013 by bookbesties

The Hit  (Will Robie, #2)

First I must tip my hat to Hachette Book Group for their awesome audio production of this book to CD. While listening to the book they give background music and sound effects as if your apart of the book itself. I was not expecting to hear gun shots while driving down the road I had to do a double take out my window,  I thought it was around me and then I realized it was a part of audio book. Keep up the great work Hachette!!

Now let’s talk about the Master Assassin called Will Robie. Will is the man you go to get the work done. He is a highly skilled assassin and is the one the U.S government calls in to eliminate the worst of the worst you know Enemies of the state, monsters committed to killing and harming untold innocent victims. It is Will’s fist or bullet that is the last thing these losers get to see.

With Will being the great assassin that he is, no one can really match up to him except one person. Jessica Reel.  A fellow assassin who works for the same people as Will and who is just as professional and dangerous as she is. And being a woman  gives her a step above Will since she is willing to do anything to get the Job done. I MEAN ANYTHING! (Insert your imagination here).
Now we find that Jessica has gone rogue, turning her gun sights on other members of the agency. The U.S. Government now looks to Will Robie once again. His mission: Bring in Reel, Dead or Alive.
Only a Killer can catch another killer, they tell him.”
Now we have two trained assassins chasing each other. It is like  Mr. & Mrs. Smith all over again.
During Will’s investigation and pursuit of Jessica he comes to question if Jessica is the traitor they made her out to be or is their more to the story than what was told to him? Let the chaos and mayhem commence!
I would say this was a page turner but I had the audio book for this one so it was an amazing roller coaster ride filled with surprises and pulse-racing action.
David gave us some captivating characters that you had not choice to either like them or LOATH entirely. I was so committed to this book I could not wait to see what would happen next! This was the second book David has completed for Will Robie his first book with Will was The Innocent released April 2012. I will definitely put that on my must have list.
4 out of 5 stars 
Soto Out

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