Relic by Renee Collins

Published August 30, 2013 by bookbesties


So by reading the synopses of this book I was gun-hoe to get into. I love a good YA fantasy and the idea of Relic’s was fascinating to me.  What I did like about this book was that it had enough mystery and action to keep the story moving along and the MC was on a level, likable.  Renee Collins did an excellent job of painting the western  times and putting a twist on it by mixing it with her world.

What I didn’t like about this book was that It was a western, and while the synopsis told me that,I still didn’t think western western. I really don’t like to read ‘period’ or historical books, but I thought this would be different, some period books are written so that you kind of forget save for a few references here and there, but when i started reading words like ‘viddles’ I felt like I was thrown into an episode of Dr.Quinn Medicine Women

I also felt like I wasn’t given enough explanation at some points and without giving spoilers away, there were parts where I had to re-read it because I didn’t ‘get it’ and maybe that was just me. I also could not for the life of me like Maggie! I felt she was too detached, especially with the tragedy that happened in the first chapter I still didn’t  feel her pain. And her ‘romance’ with Landon seemed to be lacking something. But this is all just MO.

I had a very hard time committing myself to this book wholly. I could have just been thrown off from the whole ‘viddles’ word but It didn’t do it for me. While I liked the magical side of it, the others not so much. Maybe I’m just to old to fully appreciate the story for what it was.  This was probably more of a book for Josh (the other bestie) than  me, Although I do love a good YA and this is not to say I won’t read something else by Renee Collins in the future i liked it, just didn’t love it.

3 out of 5 stars


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