Until I break by M. Leighton

Published May 19, 2013 by bookbesties

Until I Break

Now I have been a fan of  M.Leighton ever since I read Down to You, and boy she never disappoints!  Until I Break was another book I could not put down, I literally finished it in a day. Lets start with the story line, I have actually never read a book about an author’s life..I’m sure there are books out there like this but I haven’t read them.

Until I Break is about Samantha who is an author who hides her identity to the world. And then she meets Alec. Alec Brand. What a name right? The name even sounds dangerous and sexy!

Samantha is broken as broken, as they come

She has had a horrible childhood and hides behind her alter ego, Laura Drake a famous author with a huge fan following, she is fine in her life of hiding and has not been in a relationship in two and a half years. She is fine with the thought that she will never find happy ever after, just write about it. Until she sees Alec Brand and he is the embodiment of her male character in her books, Mason.

Alec is everything Mason is, dark, sexy, mysterious and dangerous in all the ways that count.

“I’m not the warm and fuzzy type,”

Alec Brand makes a make on Laura and when Samantha runs into him at a coffee shop and there is an instant attraction on both parts. But Alec is an enigma, promising her pleasure and enjoyment after just meeting her, and Samantha is like a moth to a flame. But both of them are broken with the idea that they will never be able to be loved.

“The things I’m going to do to you, the things I’m going to show you have nothing to do with your job or family or where you spend your time. It’s just about you. And me. And all the pleasure we can give each other.”

I’m pretty good at guessing what’s going to happen in a book(because I read so many) but I the twist in this book, totally didn’t see it coming.


I loved that the whole book was in dual POV,  getting into Alec’s head who is BTW more effed up than all the male characters we love(Christen Grey, Travis Maddox and Gideon Cross) Yes, he’s THAT effed up. The irony of it all was just…whoa. They both have secrets, but Alec’s secret is like


 And it threatens to ruin everything that they both want and need, little do they know. And just when I thought they were all good, one of them starts to have doubts. Again, another thing I didn’t see coming. And I have read A LOT of books that have not shocked me like this one.   The constant tug of war with the Samantha and Alec along with the sexual tension is so palpable it was rolling off the pages in masses. Again I read this book in a one sitting. I know that Michelle said that this was a standalone book but I so want another one, but I also loved the way the story ended, it was perfect. I love HEA’s and this one was perfect. Another great one Michelle, keep em’ coming.

*This Book will no longer be available after the 19th due to the author pulling it from publication, people not understanding the story of two broken people. I am thrilled she wrote this and in love with the book, but maybe that’s because I’m broken too who knows. Michelle did a great job with this story and I’m sad that most people won’t get to read it anymore. *

4 out of 5 stars.


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