Where is the LOVE?!

Published May 7, 2013 by bookbesties

We know, We know, where is the love? We have not been doing a very good job as blogging lately and I totally Blame my other half Josh! (it’s a collective effort) We have both gotten busy with life, but have not forgotten! If you follow our twitter or Facebook then you know I (Vonetta) mostly FB or twitter  daily and quite often  BUT I have been reading like krazy and you guys will be hit with mad crazy reviews, by made crazy i mean like 2 or 3.  BUT Sylvia Day released the first chapter of Entwined With You that comes out June 4th and I ate it up like a fat kid eats Nutella! If you haven’t read it, just click on the book and BAM, Gideon and Eva love. Look for my reviews on Sweet Evil(since I didn’t have this blog when i read it, I’m doing it) and Sweet Peril(currently reading) and I will have to light a fire under my other half to put up his blog soon as well. Until then Besties read and enjoy!




June 4, 2013




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