Night Rise: Gate Keepers 3

Published April 23, 2013 by bookbesties

Nightrise (The Gatekeepers, #3)

Night Rise From Anthony Horowitz 3rd book of the Gatekeepers/ Power of Five Series.

First of all this book had EPIC battles of major proportions!

Now that we have grown closer to Matthew and Pedro 2 of the chosen 5 of the Gatekeepers. We now find 2 more Gatekeepers.

In this book we find 15-year-old twins Jamie and Scott Tyler performing in a magic show in Reno, Nevada. Night Rise the evil corporation being run by the Nexus are set to kidnap the twins. But before the Night Rise Corporation can get them Jamie escapes and Scott is captured. The Twins have the power of telepathy and that it encompasses. Think Matt Parkman form Heroes

Jamie is rescued by a woman named Alicia whose son Daniel has also been kidnapped by the same corporation since he was showing some clairvoyant powers himself.  So now that Scott is captured Jamie is on a journey to find his brother and Daniel but before Jamie can find his brother he must enroll at the Silent Creek Prison to find more information about Scott’s whereabouts.  His situation turns from bad to worse  when he finds his powers don’t work when he is in prison  now feeling like he brought a knife to a gun fight, it is so on right now. Jamie gets some help and is able to get out of the prison but he is gets catapulted ten thousand years in the past and faces the full horror of the Old Ones with the other four Gatekeepers. That is right we went into some time travel I am somehow reminiscing of Back to the Future.

The five of them defeat the Old Ones and give the world a new start… Now back to present day. Jamie gets back to reality from his back to the future extravaganza. But he did not get Scott when he was in the prison come to find out that Night Rise has a plan to use Scott for their own evil doing. Now that Jamie realizes who he is can he save the day and get to his brother in time to stop something horrible from happening. ..He must meet with the other Gatekeepers, but is there enough time left??  You will have to read about it for yourself.

Great Follow to Evil Star. Anthony has not disappointed me with this one. Love the Twins having telepathic powers and the fact that he went back to the original fight ten thousand years ago was bad ass.

4 out of 5 stars for me. The next book in the series is Necropolis.

Soto out


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