The Edge of my Kindle: Edge of Never Review

Published April 19, 2013 by bookbesties

The Edge of Never (The Edge of Never, #1)


I love getting book recommendations from people, so I was stoked, yes people still used that word, when I got this recommendation from  a friend of mine, especially if it’s NA or close to NA.

Cam has some bad things happen to her, her first love died, her parents divorced, her brother is in jail and her her BFF just dumped her  ! So Cam  got fed up, and let me just say that I have been where home-girl was and have wanted to do what she did, which is to pack some stuff in a bag, not tell anyone good-bye and haul ass on a bus!

Cam is lost metaphorically and when she sets outs for a trip to Idaho she was  searching for something just to make her feel. Enter Andrew, who was traveling from Texas to see his father who was on his death bed, literally. The two seemed to be drawn together instantly but Cam is set to not have her heart open to for any type of relationship, friendship or otherwise.

And Andrew is more than meets the eye, very protective of Cam from the very beginning but also very secretive., especially when it comes to his father and and his feelings about his father’s death.

They form a type of traveling friendship, they are on the road for 18+hours together,  and when it comes time for them to go there different ways something happens to Cam that causes them to once again become traveling friends  only this time cam realizes that maybe, she is starting to feel something a little bit more than what she set out for with cam, I mean he does look like

Personally the moment he said “You can hear that?” I would have been in his lap, but that’s just me.

Andrew brings out a side in Cam that she didn’t even know she had, that was buried deep down inside of her but feels torn because she feels guilty. Andrew is hard but lovable, I didn’t pull that picture from my mind, he is described as looking like Kellan Lutz (Thank You J.A. Redmerski) He tries his hardest to keep Cam at an arms length to no avail.

I both liked and then disliked this book only because of the ending. I loved that it was told in duel POV because I love the male POV and well, I just love Andrew. And I also loved the whole ‘on the road’ thing they had going on and how their relationship grew into something  more.

The ending I was like


I can’t tell you because I don’t do spoilers but man! I wanted to throw my kindle and then yell at my friend for suggesting I read this book. I actually think I did do the last part. But this tells you one thing if nothing else about the author, she is a great author if she can get you  to almost throw you’re Kindle because you are that mad at the characters in her book! All I know is that I’m deff awaiting The Edge of Always, you can pre-order it Here due out November 5th!

Check out her Goodreads page here

4 out of 5 stars





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