Book Boyfriends(with pics) your’re welcome!

Published April 11, 2013 by bookbesties

Book boyfriends, we all have them; we all wish they were real. And to be honest if they were we’d have a hard time picking which one we’d leave our significant other’s for if given the chance. But the beauty in book boyfriends is that they are not real and we can drool over them all we want. So here are my book boyfriends, most of these have killed for their main ladies and ALL are hot (cause that’s kinda all that matters) and because I love you, I have pictures to match!

Travis Maddox, if I thought this fighting tattooed hunk stole my heart in beautiful disaster he stole it more in walking disaster. Travis is the epitome of a fighter; he fights hard for everything in life, especially for the girl he loves. There is something about a tattooed man with a temper and a possessive streak but is just a scared little boy deep down that gets to me every time!(Beautiful Disaster)


What list wouldn’t be complete without Christian Grey; we all know who he is, the very complex and gets-what-he-wants Mr.Grey. Let’s be honest, Christen is an asshole, but he is so smooth he could talk you out of anything within minutes; therefore he is not for everyone, but he loves  hard and gives his women the world. While he is a wounded soul he is also very loving and again, has that strong possessiveness mixed with that don’t mess with me attitude that makes him lovable, yet kind of scary. (Fifty shades of Grey)

(This is MY Christian Grey)

Gideon Cross may be the most tragic and complex of all the book boyfriends and yet the most lovable  Much like Christian in some ways with the wealth and smoothness, Gideon differs in the smolder, yes the smolder. He is just in my opinion hotter.  Gideon is a fighter and a lover and knows when to separate the two and knows no bounds when it comes to keeping the women he loves safe.(Bared to you)

Patch/Jev may be a fallen angel but, he is such a bad boy fallen angel it not even funny. Patch is just bad enough to be considered dangerous and to stay away from but he has a story like most bad boys and the whole fallen angel thing draws you in. Topped with his aggressive nature to keep his MC out of trouble and the lengths that he goes to and why you can’t help but to fall in love with him. I’m a sucker for the whole I hated you but I now I love you underlining story. (Hush,Hush)


Daemon Black is an alien but trust me when I say not the gross Independence Day kind. He is so very hot. So hot he should not be in a YA book. But talk about being mean and well, an ass and that’s Daemon. But he has his reasons and being the strongest out his race has to do anything with it then he has plenty to go around, fiercely protective to those he loves and let’s not forget about the cockiness. He should were a shirt 24/7 that says ‘cocky bastard’ cause that’s him, he even gives Jace from the Mortal Instrument series a run for his money! But once he lets in his MC you see that he is in face just like a normal human boy and had feeling too, and can love!(Obsidian)


Aiden St. Delphi he is the only one out of the book boyfriends who has not been at some point in his books be a total asshole. Aiden is pure swoon material if ever there was one. He is the take him home to mamma type material. At six and a half feet strong and built (because he has to fight for a living) this Pure blood who can shoot fire from his hands will make you melt with one look.  Aiden will stop at nothing to protect his MC and will try to kill anyone even a God whom he knows he cannot defeat if it meant protecting her. He is the true believer in ‘love conquers all’ motto and will give it all up to be with his one true love and for that he is my top book boyfriend. (Half-Blood)

(Yes its had to be the biggest)

There you have it, I’m sure there are more and I have more, but I could not put more into this post if I tried, if you have more feel free to add them in the comments below, I’m always on the lookout for more book boyfriends!



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