Death and the Girl Next Door

Published March 21, 2013 by bookbesties

Death and the Girl Next Door (Darklight, #1)

Where to start, everyone knows I’m already a HUGE fan of Dayrnda Jones because of my girl crush Charley Davidson, is it possible to be more of a fan? After reading Death and the girl next door I say YES!


I’m going to try and put this as non-spoilery as possible, which is hard with this one, but here goes.

Death and the girl next door is about a girl named Lorelei (which since the Gilmore Girls has been my favorite name ever!), who has random visions and suddenly is being stalked by the town loner and the hot guy(cause there is always a hot guy) who just moved to town.

Said loner (Cameron) and said hot guy (Jared) have one thing in common, Lorelei and they can’t stand each other, which is strange to Lorelei since they just met. Or have they? Essentially the book is about A Reaper/Angle of Death, a Nephilim (half angle half human) and a Prophet (can’t say which ones) who all come together for the greater good (so to speak).  Add in a ghost, some Demons, witty banter and a hot guy in a shower scene and BOOM: Awesomesauce book.

The banter that Jared and Cameron share is one thing but the banter between Lorelei and her two best friends are what make the book. It’s what I wish me and my high school friends talked about!

The thing I love about Darynda’s books are that there is always something to keep a reader interested,(this reader anyway) and the side stories/mysteries she adds in are like a story within a story.

I started this book with the sample, and then within the first few pages bought the book, then halfway through, bought the second book! That’s how much I loved it. There is some unrequited love going on, after all this is a YA book, but its not–girl- pines-for-boy, boy-has-no-idea-type-thing, there was just enough to keep you wondering how it was going to end. The best part was of course the ending, I was all


 and that lead into the second book, Death Doom and Detention, which I am currently reading now!

4 out of 5 stars!


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