Waiting too Long for Never Too Far

Published February 26, 2013 by bookbesties

Fallen Too Far (Too Far, #1)

By: Abbi Glines

I reviewed this book when it first came out in December, but now that Never Too Far(Part 2 of the saga) is releasing TOMORROW!!!! (can you tell I’m excited), I thought I’d post my mini review of if in honor of it.

Abbi Glines has outdone herself with this book. I had been hearing about this book all over social media and while I had intended on getting this book because I am a huge fan of Abbie’s having read many of her books in the past; I still had a huge TBR pile and this was just going to be added to it. But once I saw SO many great reviews I had to move this book to the top of my pile and boy am I glad I glad I did!. Where do I start?  Blair set’s out to go and live with the father who abandoned her and her mother years ago, after her mother died from cancer and left Blair not having any where to live as she sold everything to pay off her mother’s medical bills. Blair is thrown into this lush world with fancy-schmancy everything and being a southern homely girl feels out-of-place.


RUSH is her new step-brother whose mother married Blair’s father (who he can’t stand) and has to offer her a room under the stairs (very harry potter, but not) until their parents get back from their honeymoon. Blair is not some helpless female that needs to be saved, she is strong and fearless and I LOVE that. As she starts to trust Rush and other people around her more she finds that there is a running secret it seems the whole town knows EXCEPT Blair and when she finds out, it’s too late.

I love that it wasn’t a typical girl falls for guy, guy breaks her heart love story BAM story over.WHILE the story did break MY heart its far from over and I can’t wait until March for Never Too Far!.

And TOMORROW the story continues and  I for one will be ready with my Kindle at 12am and then glued to it like a fat kid and Nutella!


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